The Greatest Tips and Relocating Checklist

2 Months Before Moving
Get Organized

Develop a moving binder. Use it to organize all your invoices, a moving schedule, a list of things to pack, and any other details you need for your relocation.
If possible, get measurements of the rooms and doorways of your brand-new home to ensure big pieces of furniture will fit within. Draw up a flooring plan and suggest positioning of furnishings to decrease time and disappointment.

Purge What You Don't Need

Trip every room of your present home and choose which items must be disposed of or donated to charity.
Think about a yard sales. Our brochure "Ways to Hold a Moving Sale" will be handy.
Plan to utilize up most food products before the move; perishables can not be carried by Atlas. If you still have food non-perishable food when you move, we can donate your food to Move for Appetite.
Atlas can't take non-allowables like aerosols, flammables, ammo or bottled gas. It's finest to use them up or provide away prior to you move.

Prepare to Pack

Before your moving quote, choose which items you'll pack, and which you 'd like Atlas to load. We can provide the finest packing products at affordable prices.
Anything Atlas is packing must be left in location. It's easier and much safer, for instance, to pack glassware right from the cabinet where it's stored.
If you have home plants to move, go through the Atlas brochure "Ways to Move Your Home Plants," and begin preparing your plants for the move.

One Month Before Moving
Inform and Transfer

Demand the day off if you would normally be working on your moving day.
If moving from an apartment or condo, alert your landlord and request your apartment or condo deposit to be sent out to your new address. Read our tips for house transferring to find out about other jobs to complete from your moving checklist.
Organize to link your energies to your new home and detach energies in your previous house. Discontinue delivery services.
Call physicians and dental practitioners. They may suggest a coworker near your brand-new home. Get copies of renewable prescriptions and request oral and medical records.
Set up transfer of school records.
Transfer individual insurance records.
Check property owners insurance coverage to see if moving is covered. Make certain your brand-new home is protected by transferring fire, theft and other individual home insurance coverage.
Fill out a change of address type at your local Post Workplace or online. Alert publications to which you subscribe. Note: You must fill out a change-of-address type for each individual getting mail at your address.
Transfer savings account, and ask your regional credit bureau to transfer your records to your new this website city. If you have animals, request their records from the veterinarian.
Examine and clear tax evaluations.
Update current contact information for buddies and local services.

3 Weeks Before Moving
Make Arrangements

Organize to have actually significant devices serviced prior to you move them. If your move is company-paid, inspect with your relocation planner.
If you have pets to transfer, your Atlas Agent can provide you recommendations on the very best approaches, and our sales brochure "The best ways to Move Your Pets" also will be useful.
Make your travel bookings for the trip. Call Atlas World-Class Travel: 800-466-2077 or 812-421-7168
Atlas is not permitted to remove TELEVISION antennas or satellite meals. We can organize this service for you.
Cancel you cable/satellite TELEVISION service.
Your regional service supplier can assist you with phone, internet, cable, or satellite service for your new home.

2 weeks prior to moving
Continue Packaging Preparation

Return library books and other things you have actually obtained.
Gather things you have actually lent, and products at the dry-cleaner, in lay-away, in freezer, in a safe-deposit box, and so on
. Secure your delivery from damage by getting rid of flammables such as gasoline, fireworks, matches, cleaning fluids, bottled gas, aerosols, acids, and caustic drain cleaners, etc

. Finishing Touches

Review and complete the Customer Responsibility/High Value Inventory Form to offer to the van operator.
Take the time to fill out "Welcome to Your New Home" card for the new owners.
Reconfirm travel reservations.

1 week before moving
Things for the Road

Set aside maps, games, snacks, flashlight, and other items you'll take in your vehicle.
Gather medicines and important papers for the car trip.
Start packing suitcases.

Finalize Atlas Arrangements

Unless another means of payment has actually been set up-- e.g., charge card, individual check, or business paid-- payment is due in money, cashier's check, or postal loan order prior to your home products are unloaded at their location.
Get the phone, name and address variety of your Atlas Location Representative.

Home Cleaning

Drain gas and oil from small gasoline-powered equipment.
Drain water from all garden hoses.
Defrost, clean and dry fridge and chest freezer.
Dispose of any personal effects or particles left after packaging.
Sweep, vacuum, and/or mop floors.
Clean sinks, tubs, and counters.
To receive the entire balance of a deposit on an apartment, most landlords need occupants to return the home to its initial condition with sensible wear and tear (depending on for how long you lived there). Check your lease or contact your proprietor for more details.

1 day prior to moving
Complete Packing Preparation

Put non-combustible cleaning supplies, toiletries and other items you might require initially in special boxes to be loaded last and unloaded first.
Complete packing all suitcases.

Moving Day!

Keep in mind to offer the van operator your signed Client Responsibility/High Value Inventory Form (this kind need to be signed even if no products are listed). Be on hand all day to answer concerns and to sign the Costs of Lading from Atlas. Verify your delivery date, new address and the phone number where you can be reached.
Leave "Invite to Your New House" card in a noticeable place.
Make last check of every space and storage location. Ensure windows and doors are locked, secrets are moved and lights are out.

Note: It's a great idea to be at your brand-new house a day ahead of the van so you can ensure utilities are linked and coordinate positioning of major items in your house.

Who To Alert of Your New Address

Post Workplace
Insurance companies (Life, Homeowners, Health, Vehicle).
Regional credit bureau and lenders (stores, charge card, and so on).
Banks where you have savings, loans, checking accounts or stock.
Publications (The Post Workplace will offer free change-of-address cards to send out to publishers).
Associations or clubs.
Internal Income Service and/or other government firms.

Solutions to Transfer or Cancel.

Gas or Fuel Oil.
Lawn Care Service.
Cable/Satellite TELEVISION.

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